Shift Lab is a team of design-minded UX designers and developers. We solve complex challenges for our clients through the use of creative technology.

We craft beautiful, user-driven experiences, connecting the dots between client ambition, conceptual design thinking, and thoughtful code. From extending a creative director’s vision in a digital product to reinventing systems that improve our quality of life, we create innovative user experiences and technical solutions.

We are strongest when we collaborate with creative partners and business leaders who value transparency, iteration, and craft. We’re for those who seek a team creative, but technical, experimental yet focused; esoteric digital experts who know how to explain things.

Our projects are typically bespoke to the creative or cultural technology challenge at hand. An agile development process keeps us open and responsive to every evolving user need. We’ve kept our headquarters in New York City, but our team is fully remote across all US time zones.

We are:

A tight-knit team of UX designers and creative technologists. We use a variety of languages and frameworks to collaborate with startups, nonprofits, corporations, social impact brands, cultural institutions, and more. We often collaborate closely with top-tier international design agencies.

Our modern, bright, open office space is located in New York City, but our team is everywhere. We empower and trust our people, providing ample opportunities for career growth and work frictionlessly across all US time zones.

Project Manager

We’re looking for a purveyor of agile principles. Someone who slays blockers and empowers their team. You have: equal parts EQ and IQ, scrum and kanban experience, and know when to leverage each. We have: a team of ambitious, collaborative creative UX designers and technologists excited to be led by you.

You are:

  • An early to senior career candidate
  • Of the belief that there is no detail too small
  • Critical, but open when it comes to Scrum vs. Kanban
  • Kind, personable, and patient
  • Here to support engineers, but aren’t afraid to use tough love
  • Going to tell a HIPPO that they are derailing your planning session
  • Aware when a sprint is going well and when it needs to end
  • Highly allergic to any and every blocker
  • Opinionated about our Jira configuration
  • Cognizant of expectation-setting, internally and externally
  • A believer in story points and team velocity
  • A seeker of insight into sprint efficiency and dev effectiveness
  • Going to call retrospectives, even when things are smooth sailing
  • Aware that healthy collaboration doesn't happen by accident

Together we:

Comprise a well-rounded, dynamic team known for premium, innovative UX and development work.